Happiness and You

Happiness and You

 There seems to be nothing more illusive than happiness in this day and age.

Happiness is one of the hardest subjects to talk about because it is different for everyone. We all have a journey to take but our path can determine our overall well-being. I am a big believer in being able to control who we are regardless of the unorganised chaos that is life. We can strive to create the conditions for happiness to lure it to us rather than chase it and always have it just out of arms reach. We must not forget that happiness is not a constant state like most things in life it fluctuates throughout our whole range of emotions. One thing that is for certain, there is a pattern that emerges with humans and that pattern is that our end game always involves happiness as our primary goal when really our passion should be our primary goal. It stands to reason if you chase what you love to do then happiness will soon follow.

Although a shift in our goals may lead us on the road to happiness, that isn’t all that needs to be done. Acceptance of ourselves through everything we have done, good or bad, can be a herculean task. There are a few words that I have decided to live by in order to help put what I have done into perspective “If you can’t make the right decision, make the decision right.” Something that we overlook about our past decisions is the context in which we made the decision and, at the time, it seemed like the best decision but hindsight is a cruel mistress. We can dwell on the past and let it swallow us whole or we can come to terms with what we have done and become a better person from the actions we take. There are many positives that come from a negative decision you just need to find them. Life lessons can come with a high price and you need to be willing to pay it for acceptance.

If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today. Taking a step that is too big too soon can create a wall between you and your goal which is why making small changes to how you see yourself and those around you is manageable and will lead you to your overall goal. All you have to do is take the first step, follow your passion and be accepting of yourself and those around you. Then, and only then, will happiness find you.

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